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Strategic roadmap

Prioritized recommendations and implementation plan with timeline

Key initiatives to improve your web channel, including dependencies, resources, recommended timelines and budget requirements.

What will you get?


We will:

  • Provide a 1-on-1 meeting with a certified customer experience expert.

  • Review and evolve vision, mission, objectives and guiding principles to reflect leading practices and web channel digital strategy.

  • Map out key end-to-end service processes; identify transformation opportunities and roadmap an action plan for implementation.

  • Benchmark web presence against other similar organizations to determine key trends and patterns to recommend priorities for improvement within the following key categories:

    • Visual design and usability

    • Navigation and search 

    • Communication and engagement

    • Audiences and segmentation

    • Online services and forms

    • Mobility and accessibility

    • Content and language

    • Technology and functionality

    • Metrics and performance

  • Perform a gap and SWOC analysis to a target web strategy for action plan recommendations.

  • Content management system options and recommendations, including associated costs and technology requirements

  • Analyze web governance structure and recommend new structure for channel, content and knowledge management.

  • Develop a technology architecture model based on leading practices and desired future state targets.

  • Roadmap future technology requirements for front-end service delivery and end-to-end digital processes.

  • Create a strategic implementation plan and roadmap containing key initiatives based on your requirements and desire for future growth.  This roadmap will include detailed descriptions of each key initiative, along with associated activities, timeline, resources, work effort, dependencies, risks, costs and desired outcomes/benefits.



A strategic roadmap outlining short, medium and long term initiatives for the transformation of the web channel to a desired future operating model.

This roadmap will provide a detailed plan for organizations to follow in order to design and build a user-centric web channel.  This report can be used to help determine budget requirements for website redesign projects along with the needed resources and skillsets to achieve a successful outcome.


You can get our latest website maturity assessment report in order to obtain valuable insights on leading practices in the public sector to improve online service delivery.

DID YOU know?





Methodology & approach

Assessment results

Overall rating

Innovation & self-service

Website ranking

Evaluation results

Trends & analysis

Key innovations

Key recommendations

Visual design & usability

Navigation & search

Communication & engagement

Audiences & segmentation

Online services & forms

Mobility & accessibility

Content & language

Technology & functionality

Metrics & performance

Governance recommendations

SWOC analysis

CMS recommendations

Strategic implementation plan

Key initiatives


Why ForwardVu?

ForwardVu has International certification as a Customer Experience Professional (CX PRO) certification through Forrester as well as Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) through the International Association of Accessibility Professionals  (IAAP).


We have over 20 years of experience in digital transformation with a focus on the user experience and how customers interact with companies online.  We have audited numerous public and private sector clients - we would love to extend that help to you as well, and ensure a welcoming and inclusive experience on your website.  See our list of past and current clients.



Unbiased, expert snapshot of your web channel that can serve as a foundation for short-term improvement and further discovery. A high value for firms engaged in pre-procurement activities.


Leading practices



Substantial and tangible recommendations of your web channel to provide insights into priority improvement areas and how your web channel ranks against similar organizations in your sector.





Prioritized recommendations and implementation plan that outlines key initiatives to improve your web channel, including dependencies, resources, recommended timeline and budget requirements.

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