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About ForwardVu

We can deliver solutions that are tailored to each client's specific needs and requirements.

ForwardVu Solutions was launched in 2010 to combine the efforts and expertise of a group of highly experienced and award-winning consultants in order for them to undertake more advanced and sophisticated projects that require team innovation and excellence.


We can guide the strategy, planning, design, procurement, implementation, build and enhancement of modern customer focused digital channels that maximize value and experience to users. Our consultants have worked on projects with global scope and can manage large complex projects where risk assessments and mitigation management are required.


Our customer-focused design approach drives innovation that is focused on efficiency and customer


What we do

We are recognized specialists in:


  • Customer-focused business and service strategy/transformation

  • Heuristic assessments and usability analysis

  • Customer and digital experience development and design, web branding, digital marketing and web nurturing strategies

  • Web and mobile device channel strategy, design and optimization



  • Service delivery and operational reviews

  • Service design and optimization

  • Multi-channel service delivery strategy and design that integrates counter, telephone, web and mobile channels

  • Innovative information architecture and knowledge management approaches for combined contact centre/help desk support and web self-service

Why ForwardVu?

Because of the nature of our service-related work, we have been regularly engaged by our clients to undertake jurisdictional scans and leading practice research in service delivery, customer experience (CX) innovation and design as well as successful delivery practices. Our methodologies have evolved to include both customer and employee engagement to profile and journey map target segments and stakeholders for both operational improvement and increased service excellence.


Projects have ranged from simple to complex multi-million-dollar efforts where services, processes and organizational structure was reviewed for greater operational efficiency, service improvement and enhanced citizen satisfaction.


Our team is not only expert in conducting standard service satisfaction research but has evolved “voice of the customer” approaches that can gain real insight into service preference, perceived value of best practices and net promoter scoring that can drive real service improvement and transformation.





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