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Website Best Practices & Innovations Report

Key insights and trends in the public sector in 2021

Get a detailed analysis comparing 20 major North American cities against best practices in design and service delivery in one comprehensive report.


  • How to evolve your site with new and innovative approaches for service delivery

  • Ways to ensure accessibility and inclusion

  • What innovations have been successfully integrated by other cities and considered valuable by end users

  • How to minimize risk and maximize success by adopting solutions already tried and tested

  • Potential areas where costs can be reduced, or processes made more efficient

  • New and better ways to improve services and make your customers more satisfied.

Learn what other cities have successfully implemented to jumpstart your own redesign efforts and pinpoint the best ways to engage your audience.


This evaluation helps to identify existing trends and innovative approaches in order to allow for different strategic options to be considered when evolving municipal websites.


Approach and methodology

Each selected city website was evaluated to judge its compliance with recognized usability principles. These usability principles are general rules that describe common properties of usable interfaces.


The selected city websites were evaluated by 15 independent evaluators based on the following 6 key categories:


  1. Visual design & usability

  2. Navigation & search

  3. Communication & engagement

  4. Online services & forms

  5. Mobility & accessibility

  6. Content & language


Each category has a core set of 10 usability principles and best practices for leading websites. Each of the city websites was evaluated based on a scoring system to determine to what extent the city website demonstrated these principles.

This evaluation helps identify leading practices in other cities that can be leveraged to better meet the needs and expectations of your own residents and businesses.

20 cities 

  1. Boston, Massachusetts

  2. Calgary, Alberta

  3. Chicago, Illinois

  4. Dallas, Texas

  5. Edmonton, Alberta

  6. Kansas City, Missouri

  7. Las Vegas, California

  8. Los Angeles, California

  9. Louisville, Kentucky

  10. Maryland, New York

  11. Minneapolis, Minnesota

  12. Nashville, Tennessee

  13. New York City, New York

  14. Orlando, Florida

  15. Ottawa, Ontario

  16. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  17. Phoenix, Arizona

  18. Raleigh, North Carolina

  19. San Francisco, California

  20. Toronto, Ontario

DID YOU know...

We can provide you with your own comparison against other specific organizations in your sector, along with leading practices recommendations, in a personalized, custom report.

We offer many different web service assessments, including a Current State Assessment, Leading Practices Recommendations and a full Strategic Roadmap.

Why ForwardVu?

ForwardVu has International certification as a Customer Experience Professional (CX PRO) certification through Forrester as well as Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) through the International Association of Accessibility Professionals  (IAAP).


We have over 20 years of experience in digital transformation with a focus on the user experience and how customers interact with companies online.  We have audited numerous public and private sector clients - we would love to extend that help to you as well, and ensure a welcoming and inclusive experience on your website.  See our list of past and current clients.

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