WFM Omni-Channel Resource & Capacity Planning System

Get it right the first time.

Develop annual, quarterly and monthly capacity plans and financial modeling for front- and back-office operations.


A comprehensive tool to develop accurate staff plans and budgets to meet operational needs, mitigate risk, and manage the customer experience.


This tool will:

  • Forecast staffing of front- and back-office work using leading-practice algorithms

  • Estimate financials to meet target service level objectives

  • Project operational performance based on staffing and budget availability

  • Automate recruitment and training planning

  • Enable what-if scenarios to determine the impact of varying input variables to a baseline plan, including:

    • Multiple work volume scenarios

    • Increasing or decreasing service level objective

    • Changes in average handle time

    • Changes in new hire learning curve

    • Reducing training length

    • Changes in staff salaries or support staff ratios

Want to improve your resource and financial planning process?


This industry-leading tool will help you to:

  • Eliminate spreadsheet-based forecasts

  • Save time and money

  • Improve forecast accuracy

  • Enhance executive decision-making

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Front- and back-office input variables

Service Level Objective


Work Volumes

Target AHT (Tenured Agents)

New Hire Learning Curve

Attrition Rate

Shrinkage Factors

Working Days in Month

Working Hours/Day

Scheduling Interval

Agent to Support staff ratios 

Trainer Ratio Calculator

QA Ratio Calculator

Agent salaries by position

Support staff salaries by role

Monthly attrition

Recruitment time

Training length

Graduation rate

Output detailed annual & monthly plans, including:

Agent & Support Staff Requirements

  • Productive Hours by queue / skill

  • Productive FTE by queue / skill

  • Required FTE by queue/skill

  • Effective FTE

  • Required support staff by role


Operational Performance

  • Service Level

  • Average Speed of Answer

  • Productivity/Occupancy

Financial Requirements

  • Total agent salaries

  • Total support staff salaries by role

  • Cost of Hiring-Ahead-of-Attrition

  • Cost of overtime

  • Cost per contract and work items

Recruitment & Training Plan

  • Number of agents to hire

  • Number of classes

  • Recruitment process start date

  • Training class start and end date

  • Forecast of training graduates

  • Number of trainers required

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