WFM Omni-Channel Resource & Capacity Planning System

Get it right the first time.

Capacity planning is easy to say, but hard to do right.

Capacity planning requires juggling many moving pieces to get a plan right the first time.


Failure to get capacity planning right can yield heavy costs for organizations. Overstaffing and understaffing can negatively affect the call center in tangible and intangible ways. Capacity planning drives the customer experience; failing to correctly capacity plan may mean losing customers.

Need to find a better and faster solution to capacity planning to make better decisions, reduce cost and increase productivity?


Using Excel spreadsheets and home-grown capacity planning solutions are incredibly limiting, time-consuming, hard to maintain, and challenging to scale for new business opportunities and challenges.

The WFM Capacity Planner is a simple tool that leads you through building a strategic forecast step-by-step to determine staffing, budget and training solutions.


This effective, easy-to-use tool for omni-channel front and back-office operations will help you meet your operational needs, mitigate risk, and cost-effectively manage the customer experience.

Learn about capacity planning for omni-channel contact centres 

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Want to reduce staffing challenges?

This new and effective tool handles both front- and back-office operational planning, allowing you to compare scenarios to determine the ideal resource model.

Want to improve productivity and boost performance?

This planner will save you money and reduce risk in ALL of your front-and back-office operations and cost-effectively manage the customer experience.

Do you have the right number of agents in your call centre

Use this tool to easily calculate staffing requirements, budget, and forecasting for who to hire and when.

Improve your resource & financial planning process using this industry-leading tool.

Accurately plan and staff across all service channels including voice, email, chat, SMS, social media, in-person, as well as the back office

Balance staffing requirements with desired customer experience levels

Reduce lost productivity with an intelligent yet simplified approach to capacity planning

Minimize WFM administrative and maintenance overhead

Quickly run multiple staffing scenarios when the unexpected happens


In a 130-seat contact centre, being 1% wrong can cost you up to $1 million dollars.  Get it right the first time by using this simple and effective capacity planner online and save yourself money & time.

Can you afford to be 1% wrong?

Front- and back-office input variables

Service Level Objective


Work Volumes

Target AHT (Tenured Agents)

New Hire Learning Curve

Attrition Rate

Shrinkage Factors

Working Days in Month

Working Hours/Day

Scheduling Interval

Agent to Support staff ratios 

Trainer Ratio Calculator

QA Ratio Calculator

Agent salaries by position

Support staff salaries by role

Monthly attrition

Training length

Recruitment time (under development)

Graduation rate (under development)

Output detailed annual & monthly plans, including:

Agent & Support Staff Requirements

  • Productive Hours by queue / skill

  • Productive FTE by queue / skill

  • Required FTE by queue/skill

  • Effective FTE

  • Required support staff by role


Operational Performance

  • Service Level

  • Average Speed of Answer

  • Productivity/Occupancy

Financial Requirements

  • Total agent salaries

  • Total support staff salaries by role

  • Cost of Hiring-Ahead-of-Attrition

  • Cost of overtime

  • Cost per contract and work items

Recruitment & Training Plan

  • Number of agents to hire

  • Number of classes

  • Recruitment process start date

  • Training class start and end date

  • Forecast of training graduates

  • Number of trainers required


The WFM Omni-Channel Resource & Capacity Planning System: